Cisdem: Your PDF Management Solution

In today’s increasingly mobile environment, PDFs can be especially difficult to deal with at times. Cisdem offers document management, conversion and recovery solutions for commercial real estate professionals who use Apple products. Let’s face it: it’s Apple’s world, and we all just live in it. The usage figures are astounding when you compare the popularity of iOS products to the likes of Android in the real estate community.
The premise behind Cisdem apps are straightforward: they help you clean up your Mac and makes it more amenable to working with PDFs. Cisdem offers the following functionalities, starting with more comprehensive programs and breaking it down to the ones with more singular, basic features.

PDF Conversion Software

  • PDF Converter OCR – Need to rework a PDF document, but all you have is a scanned PDF file or image? No problem. Use the PDF Converter for Mac to convert any scanned PDF image (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF) into editable and well-formatted Word, Text, Excel, PPT, Keynote, ,Pages, Rtfd, ePub HTML and other image formats. If you’re only interested in one of these processes, you may want to look into the following

- PDFConverter

- PDFtoWordConverter

- PDFtoPagesConverter

PDF Manager Software

  • PDFManagerUltimate - This functionality brings you beyond the PDF preview, allowing you to both organize, view and edit PDFs straight from your Mac. You can even extract pictures and electronic signatures without the need to print or scan them.

- PDFToolkit

- PDFPasswordRemover

- PDFCompressor

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Convert PDFs to Word documents or Excel spreadsheets in no time

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Or, convert them to ePubs and download them straight to your iTunes library, which is especially helpful for mobile users on the go

On top of all of the different PDF management features, Cisdem also wants to be able to further organize your computer using its Data Recovery and Duplicate Finder tools, which allow you to pull lost deleted or inaccessible files off of your Mac, and also grants you the ability to locate and target duplicate files on your computer just in case your looking to clean house.

Every one of these Cisdem functionalities is available under a different pricing plan, but they also offer free trials for each one as well, so if it seems like any of the above might be of interest to you, they’re worth trying out.

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