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I am excited to be a featured guest on CRE Radio's CRE App Show on May 31st at 12:00 PST. Along with host Howard Kline and Steve Wayne of ProspectNow (one of our top 5 apps for brokers).

Show Description

The one thing that never changes is that everything changes. That’s particularly true in the world of tech, which seems to be changing at an ever faster pace.

It’s tough to be competitive in today’s business environment unless you keep up to date with the newest developments in tech and we at CRE Radio are trying to do our small part in keeping commercial real estate professionals on the competitive edge. We try to bring you the newest and best in the most meaningful way. Let me and my guests separate the “hot and popular” from what can be effective for you. Believe me, you want the “effective.”

We’ll be discussing:

Why CRE pros should be using a tablet
Avoiding some of those free or $1.99 apps; and some of Dominic’s favorite apps, including:
Ten Eight App
Magic Plan

To listen live, go to or call in at (619) 393-6492.

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