CRE Radio Tech Update Podcast

CRE Radio's Howard Kline recently hosted Steve Wayne of ProspectNow and me for a Tech Update show.
Over the course of an hour and a half, we touched on close to a dozen apps. You can listen to a full recording of the show on

Below, I do my best to list the apps we mentioned during the show, with links to each in case you are interested in learning more.

LeaseMatrix - Lease analysis for tenants and tenant advisors.
Read the CRE App Review of LeaseMatrix»

ProspectNow - Find the contact information for any building owner.
Read the CRE App Review of ProspectNow»

Ten Eight - Eliminates the need for paper and PDF tour books.
Read the CRE App Review of Ten Eight»

Magic Plan - Create floor plans with a mobile device without measuring or drawing.
Read the CRE App Review of Magic Plan»

FloorPlanner - Floorplanner is one of the easiest ways to create and share interactive floorplans online.
Read the CRE App Review of Floorplanner»

Floored - Accurate, interactive 3D models of all types of real estate.
Read the CRE App Review of Floored» - A new way of creating, interacting and sharing real estate flyers.
Read the CRE App Review of»

TourWrist - Create, label and submit highly interactive 360°panorama images.
Read the CRE App Review of TourWrist»

View The Space - Use video to market commercial real estate availabilities. 
Read the CRE App Review of View The Space»

vFlyer - Provides electronic flyers, listing syndication and property websites.

Showmi - Create interactive, mobile-friendly marketing flyers.

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