CREATE: Property Analysis, 3D Maps, and Investment Insights

Keep your ears perked if you haven’t heard the buzz yet, because Create may be on the verge of altering the real estate investment process, from start to finish, from this point forward. While the site isn't officially launched yet, Create expects to launch in DC by the end of 2014 and in Detroit in early 2015.

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According to their website, Create allows owners, investors, and other building professionals to efficiently manage their investments by providing them with the tools to enhance the following:

  • Research – Create taps into industry leading third-party data sources and pulls together information specific on your project based on location. Our access to accurate, streaming and non-biased information saves countless hours of data collection, validation and maintenance.
  • Management – Create’s dynamic framework tracks changes to projects as they happen, giving you real time status updates for every project in your portfolio. Chat, messaging, and document management functionality promotes efficient collaboration and holds team members accountable.
  • Optimization – The days of building complex financial models to support investment decisions are over. Using industry standard calculations and advanced risk management techniques, Create instantly builds full cash flow projections and helps tailor analysis to your goals.
  • Engagement – Solicit proposals, evaluate bids, file permits and submit financing applications from a single platform to keep projects on track. Get everyone on the same page and seamlessly share information to quickly assemble project teams and gain a leg up on the competition.

Create was co-founded in 2011 by Stefan Martinovic (the real estate brain), Ed Switzer (the city planning brain) and Laura Ferguson (the software brain), who initially envisioned it as a platform for just the financial analysis of real estate investments.


But, it has grown into a lot more than that since then, becoming an immersive, holistic resource for users. By combining its financial projection software with up-to-date market information and 3D blueprints, Create tackles the process of investing in real estate from numerous different angles.


The platform is so thorough that users can search their city, for say, a vacant lot that could support a 400-unit mixed-use development, producing a 25 percent return on investment year-over-year and Create would find the exact location most likely to meet those kinds of demands along with the budget required to complete the project, month-by-month. With the web application set to launch later this year, expect Create to be found on the PCs of real estate investors everywhere.

For more information on Create, check out the exclusive interview he did on The News Funnel’s real estate video channel, Funnel TV

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