CREATE: Property Analysis at Your Fingertips


When we talk about the future of real estate technology, we’re talking about software like that of CREATE.

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Created by Stefan Martinovic and fresh out of beta, CREATE is a combination software and application that allows investors, contractors, builders, real estate management, and even homeowners the ability to manage a piece of property, digitally speaking, with a whole host of tools.

By tapping into the third-party data by industry leaders, they pool information based on your location and provide you accurate, non-biased access to the things you need to know most; such as property analysis and investment insights.

This data helps you better understand your local market, whether that means zoning laws, economic data, or even construction requirements. It also helps by building clear financial goals for any property that you’re working with.

Now let’s talk about hands-on experience with the product.

Live Experience

After logging into CREATE for the first time, you’ll notice the in-depth information and 3-D utility they offer makes the map feel alive. Once you pick a location (for this particular test I used 1500 New Hampshire AV NW), you’ll be offered far more data than you’d imagine.

Each address gives you four distinct property options—location, market, development, and investment—each with 2-5 subheadings that offered statistics on zoning, planning, property type, real-time pictures, and more.

Within each subhead is even more data, further breaking down every relevant detail that would help you better understand the area, the structure itself, local amenities, and even local transit.

They even offer a news widget within the application that streams real estate news in real time, courtesy of The News Funnel.

All-in-all, CREATE offers far more information than any real estate website I’ve seen up to this point—at least based on this one particular location.

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Immersive Planning

In the long run, CREATE will make a difference in your real estate needs. Saving you the headache of data collection, validation, and maintenance, it’s a service that will optimize your complex financial models into easy-to-follow cash flow projections. By using CREATE software to tailor your unique goals, you’re also reducing the risk of problems cropping up.

Their software is definitely dynamic, tracking changes in real-time, meaning you’ll never have to worry about status updates in your project portfolio falling behind, or if your team will miss important communication.

CREATE gives teams the ability to chat, message, and share documents, keeping everyone accountable for their piece of the real estate pie.

The last thing the CREATE does is offer a high-level of engagement, both with your team and with your clients. Using their system, you’ll have the capability to solicit proposals, file permits, submit financing applications, and even evaluate bids—all for a single platform.

Overall, your team will never work more efficiently than when they use CREATE, and you’ll never again fall behind the competition.

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