Creating Virtual Tours Quickly and Easily with Photofing

Virtual tours are all the rage in the real estate industry. To enjoy a quicker and easier way of creating powerful tours, Photofing offers an amazing solution. Using the Photofing app on an iPhone, which is available through the App Store, you can create virtual tours directly at the actual site or, if preferred, use the web-based Tour Creator for back office work.

Unlike other applications used for creating virtual tours, you can have your project completed in a matter of minutes using Photofing. As a new member, there is no charge for the first month, but even when you start paying, the base membership is only $2 monthly.

Your finished virtual tours can then be shared via social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. However, you can also email your virtual tours and embed or link them on websites.

Incredible Benefits of Using Photofing

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, Photofing offers several advantages. For example, these virtual tours are an incredible method of social media marketing. In addition, you can target mailings to customers as well as other real estate agents, secure more listings by having a better overall marketing package, and close sales for an extremely low cost.

To create virtual tours, you can use a standard digital camera or your smartphone to download existing photos. You also have the ability to take new photos. The quality of virtual tours using Photofing is exceptional. As a result, both existing and potential clients can see every detail with complete clarity. This makes people feel as if they are physically walking through the space, which naturally prompts more interest and sales.

Whether you are starting a new real estate business or looking for a way to build a stronger client base and boost sales, Photofing is an exceptional option. Because this app is so easy to use, you spend very little time and effort creating virtual tour masterpieces. Ultimately, this gives you more time to focus on the bigger issues of your business.

As a real estate agent, you work in a highly competitive market. Because of this, you need to take full advantage of the systems, tools, programs, and apps that are proven to make a difference. Instead of wasting precious time messing around with complicated systems, all you need is Photofing for creating superior virtual tours.

Photofing is a revolutionary way of presenting homes, businesses, and industrial spaces for rent or purchase. With an interactive photo collection that goes beyond the structure, you make a lasting impression. With Photofing, you can add other elements to the virtual reality experience, such as local attractions, nearby schools, local parks, landscaping, and outdoor features, to enhance the tour and reach more people.

The bottom line is that with Photofing, you will save money chasing down important sales while building a favorable reputation for your real estate business.


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