Cube Cities: 3D Office Space Search

Ever struggled to explain which floor or side of the building the suite you have listed for lease is on? If so, it's time to check out Cube Cities.
Cube Cities brings the search for office space to Google Earth.

Similar to 3DCRE's 3D virtual tours, Cube City's virtual flyovers can have a high impact, when a flat 2 dimensional picture doesn't do your listing justice.

They call it "The Frontier of Online Real Estate Search"

We have combined the beauty of 3D graphics with our visualization technology to create a platform to showcase real estate listings like nothing before.

Location and Place
We provide a stunning and compelling way to communicate a listing's location and place by meaningfully describing its building, floor, local amenities, nearby buildings and comparable options, all in a single picture.

Urban Data Visualization
Walking a city block can feel like crossing continents. Cities are complex and multi-layered, so photos won't reveal a neighborhood like data will. Our data visualization technology can turn any quantitative data into a powerful and revealing story.

Helping You Connect with your Clients
Cube Cities is immediately distinct from other property marketing tools. Showcase your listings by sending clients a flight of their options. Educate clients on different neighborhoods by providing an account to search interactively on their own time. However you engage a client, a Cube Cities listing is compelling.

The concept may still be a little rough around the edges, but it has huge potential.

Check out Cube Cities now.

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