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I am sure everyone by now has heard of QR (quick response) codes. There are several free websites that allow people to generate a free QR code but almost all lack in assisting to deliver content that is optimized for a mobile device. Typically one would have to hire web developers to re-engineer their website to deliver a rich mobile user experience. Until recently..
Scan, Inc. is a college tech start-up that was founded in 2011 and has made a big entrance into the tech scene thus far. They have been featured in many magazines and news media outlets for their innovative and simple design and delivery.

They have created a way to develop fast, customized, professional, and functional mobile websites. These sites are accessed through scanning a QR code which they generate for you and allow you to customize.

How can you use this in CRE? Create a QR code for each property. Prospective purchasers and tenants can scan the QR code while on-site and have instant access to valuable information like a marketing brochure or the listing agents contact information. You can almost customize it to deliver what ever you want and it's all delivered in a format optimized for mobile viewing. Here is an example of a basic property profile page.

You can also create a virtual business card and have all of your professional and social links in one place. Here is the one I’ve created for myself.

With each QR code you generate, Scan has created a dashboard where you can easily edit and monitor the performance of each QR code. You can know how many scans your QR code is getting on a daily basis and where they are coming from. Easy to understand analytics help you make better business decisions.

Scan, Inc has developed a free, top of the line QR code scanner app available on iOS and Android platforms. Head to their website to start creating your own personalized mobile websites and QR codes Link. Click the links below to head to your platforms app market to download their QR code scanner app.

Download this app: Android | iPhone

Don't forget to share other ways how you think we can optimize this technology in CRE in the comments section!

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