DaeBuild Offers Innovative Approach to Indian Real Estate Development

While new commercial real estate apps and tools are now released on a regular basis, many of those tools often tend to focus on American markets. DaeBuild, a new real estate CRM software, is tailored specifically for Indian real estate developers. DaeBuild CRM was released as the flagship product of Daemon Information Systems. With this innovative new tool, developers are able to manage and even automate a number of different processes associated with obtaining leads, closing sales, handling customer accounts, documents, and more.

Groundbreaking Technology Included in New DaeBuild Software

One of the more unique features of DaeBuild is the fact that it is bundled with a white board. This first-of-its-kind feature actually initiatives an emotive connection between developers and relevant technology. For instance, with this tool, developers and their staff are able to gain access to vital information, such as sales, revenue, and customer information, providing the basis to make more informed business decisions.

DaeBuild also offers the advantage of real-time auditing for unit inventory status as well as cash flow and revenue. With this feature, developers are able to categorize inventory status under a variety of different options, such as sold, booked, overdue, and blocked. A number of other advanced features are also included, such as Broker Management, Customer Accounts, and even Reward Tracking for brokers and their staff.

Brokers and their staff will also find the various dashboards included in DaeBuild to be quite helpful, as they make it possible to manage all sales as well as customer activities. The time-saving benefits offered by the ability to track trends in terms of sales and receivables makes it much easier for agents to be more productive.

In addition, DaeBuild provides a full suite of features that makes sales staff management much easier, including the ability to offer incentives as well as track history for staff performance and reward payments

Comprehensive flexibility built into the DaeBuild software also means that users are able to gain complete access to information related every unit in a development. Developers and brokers can even design custom documents, such as sales deeds and more using DaeBuild.

Improved Payment Plans Offer Greater Flexibility

The latest version of DaeBuild also features the inclusion of Hybrid payment plans that make it possible for builders to design payment plans with increased flexibility based on prevailing market trends. Developers can also benefit from the inclusion of enhanced integration between inquiries and the entire sales life cycle, including the ability to track and analyze a variety of trends associated with inquiries and revenue. Drill-down graphs are included to give brokers and developers the ability to make decisions much faster.

Developers across India are now using DaeBuild in a variety of real estate sectors, including mixed-use projects, townships, commercial, and residential. Featuring a comprehensive array of valuable features associated with reporting, booking, accounts, and possession, DaeBuild appears to provide everything that developers, brokers, and their staff need to manage new development projects in a more efficient and productive manner.

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