Dotloop Helping Real Estate Teams to Improve Collaboration

As commercial real estate professionals are all too well aware, the need for collaboration within the industry is significant. Recently, dotloop announced the introduction of the industry's first platform built specifically to allow real estate teams to work in a more efficient manner, thus presenting the opportunity to complete more transactions.

Teamwork Means Increased Transaction Volume

The more that teams are able to work together in the real estate industry, the greater the profit potential. It has become increasingly common for high producing real estate professionals to work in teams in order to provide clients with better service. In this type of team arrangement, each individual is responsible for specific aspects of the relevant transactions. In such a real estate team, it is vital for team members to be able to share information efficiently as well as quickly determine the status of the deal in real time.

Integrated Features for More Productivity

In order to produce their new platform, dotloop worked with some of the top real estate teams in the country in an effort to identify common challenges. As a result of that process, dotloop is now able to provide a streamlined solution to ensure that every member of the team is able to stay in the loop regarding the status of a transaction. Real-time analytics make it possible to check the team's progress, which sets the stage for even greater collaboration while ensuring that deadlines are met.

Among the features offered by dotloop for TEAMS include real-time analytics combined with interactive charts and graphs. With this feature, real estate agents are able to track the progress of every member of the team, making it easy to gain insight into what is working and what is not working. This also leads to more informed decisions. The inclusion of a collaborative agent dashboard also provides real-time visibility while allowing for improved workflow. No longer do team members need to wait to receive a response regarding the status of deals, agents can gain immediate access to every deal related to the team is available. Since agents are frequently on the go, a mobile application is also available to give team members the ability to access and collaborate at any location and at any time.

As the first such platform designed specifically to address the need for teamwork within the real estate industry, dotloop is changing the way that real estate transactions are handled. Due to the increased communication and streamlined workflow, agents are able to leverage the platform to close more transactions.

Planning for a Global Future in Real Estate

Throughout all real estate sectors, the industry has grown increasingly global. This is particularly true in the commercial real estate sector, which is often dominated by foreign investors. With the introduction of dotloop's new team platform designed exclusively for the real estate industry, it will now be easier for agents in geographically diverse locations to work in a more seamless and efficient manner.

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