DRiVE Decisions: Clearer, Faster, Better Decisions for Real Property

Eye Candy.
Those are the first words to come to mind when taking in DriveDecisions, a software product that produces 3D virtual environments, paired with reams of relevant data in order to create full-scale, interactive property models.

drive 1

These models, in turn, are designed to be systematically studied and dissected by real estate professionals with the goal of either enhancing their insights regarding potential investment opportunities, or helping them to identify and target new ones. Rather than analyzing a bunch of different, fragmented sets of data, DriveDecisions unifies everything for users in order to make it easier to see the “bigger picture,” by ordering and presenting property information on the following:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Food/Waste
  • Land Use
  • Households
  • Safety
  • Education
  • Business
  • Development
  • Money

So, what exactly does DriveDecisions do? According to the company website, it allows its users to:

  1. Find opportunities with sophisticated listings, parcels and permits queries
  2. Evaluate opportunities against natural, social, built and financial capital systems
  3. Present opportunities with unmatched clarity through dynamic POVs

Perhaps a more appropriate question than that is what will DriveDecisions do? This is because the software is still in beta. It’s also because its database of information is limited to King County, Washington, where creator (trained architect and commissioner in the Seattle Planning Commission) is based. That doesn’t mean Borrero doesn’t have his sights set high, though. He plans to roll out the software in 10 significant markets during the next few years with a subscription-based revenue model.

Wondering what all the fuss is about considering DriveDecisions is still in its infancy? Because seeing is believing, why don’t you check it out for yourself?

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