Dynamic Technologies Changes Transform the Face of the Real Estate Industry

The faces of numerous industries have been transformed in recent years by technological innovation. The real estate industry has proven to be no exception, although some sectors have been more reluctant to adapt to changing technology. Forward-thinking brokerages have been quick to realize just how powerful such innovations can be, and are now leveraging new technologies to offer improved customer service and work more efficiently.

The Impact of Video and Imaging Technology on the Real Estate Industry

Video and imaging technology is one area that has had a profound effect on the real estate industry. For many years, if a prospective buyer wanted to view a property to decide whether or not he or she wanted the property, it was necessary to schedule an appointment and tour the property in person. Thanks to the latest video and imaging technology, buyers are now able to tour properties remotely. As a result, buyers can not only view the layout of a property, but also see the condition of the property, and even see the neighborhood in which the property is located.

The provision of photo and video tours of properties has become increasingly mainstream today, however the most tech-savvy firms are using live streaming to give buyers the best possible experience. This type of service is particularly popular with buyers who are interested in viewing properties from a long distance, or who simply do not have the time to visit multiple properties in person.

Changes in Real Estate Marketing Technology

Even the way in which real estate firms attract prospective clients and interact with their existing clients has been fundamentally changed by the latest technologies. Email, social media, search engines, video sharing websites, and mobile apps are all now providing innovative platforms for advertising property listings.

An increasing number of real estate professionals are also now using iPads and other wireless devices for registering clients at opening houses. This approach not only makes registration easier, but also allows for easier follow up without the need to decipher handwriting that might be illegible. Among the apps giving real estate professionals the ability to manage open houses more easily is Open Home Pro. Along with managing open house listings, the app also helps with registrations and lead generation. The company reports that it has now served more than 65,000 agents.

After each open house, Open Home Pro follows up on behalf of agents by sending visitors a professional follow-up email containing the agent’s contact information. Open Home Pro also sends agents lists of leads that do not have an agent as of yet, or who have a home to sell. This gives agents insight into the best places to focus their time, to ensure that resources are never wasted. Featuring one-touch email and social sharing, Open Home Pro also makes it easy to get the word out about new listings to increase exposure and traffic.

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