Electronic confidentiality agreements for all

CRE Console has built a great little electronic confidentiality agreement application which anyone can use for free. After creating an account, it only takes 3 steps to automate the entire investor registration process using the same old PDF confidentiality agreement you've always used.
How do they do it? Here's how they explain it:

How does our Electronic Confidentiality Agreement service automate the investor registration process?

Upload your standard PDF confidentiality agreement into our form.
Enter the lead broker’s contact information.
Copy and paste our unique URL where ever you need it.

What does the form look like once it is uploaded into their electronic format?

What happens next?

Investors can sign your CA form electronically directly in their browser. No printers, pens or fax machines required.
After signing the the eCA, the investor will be redirected to wherever you chose, like your website, the property’s website, or even the property’s flyer or OM.
Every time a new CA is signed, we’ll email you their contact information, digital signature and IP address.
We’ll also send the investor an email with the information they submitted, along with the lead broker’s contact information, in case they have any questions.

If you are curious, you can actually try it out and see exactly what the notifications look like.

What else does this feature allow me to do?

Access your account anywhere, anytime; the system is 100% cloud-based.
Export a list of every investor who has signed the CA with their full contact information into Excel.
Create an unlimited number of electronic agreements.

What is cool is that you can embed this link anywhere (for instance on any Loopnet posting) to direct investors to sign a CA for more information, so that you can kick your unhealthy addiction to the fax machine.

Then, use the app's auto-responder to provide all the information you would like to give them until they've been more thoroughly qualified.

Interested? You can sign up now to start using this app for free.

*CRE Console is a sponsor of this blog

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