enodo converts speculation into quantifiable insight

Every minute counts when it comes to the competitive world of real estate investment. The Enodo platform lets you cut to the chase, supporting your decision making from acquisition to stabilization and renovation, including rent price forecasting.  What we’ll have now is quantifiable data rather than subjective hunches that are hard to quantify.

The Enodo platform lets investors study any property address with basic physical and investment parameters, identify comparable properties, and predict future operating expenses. Parameters can include year built, the number of units, building and unit amenities, and market demographics

Enodo acts as an investment manager, with instant market surveys and market rent data research. The automated analysis provides clients with real-time market intelligence, which saves time on data collection and manual analysis.

The rent surveys automatically identify the most similar properties for any subject, calculating the percent similarity of building characteristics, unit mixes, rent potential and expenses. This lets you accurately determine market rent.

Users are able to find off-market opportunities with direct visibility into every market. This allows you to accurately forecast property values and predict revenue and expenses in the potential investment property.

When prospecting, Enodo allows for insight into any property or market, helping you to expand your network and source new deals. You get access to property information, ownership contacts, and tax and debt balances.

As an aid in asset management, Enodo helps identify reinvestment opportunities and calculate payback periods. Complete property and market insights are delivered to your team; demographic and economic projects are automatically identified in the market of interest.

Neighborhood, building and unit-level automated value analysis enables investors to understand trends and plan for maximum returns in real time.

Enodo also provides direct comparisons of properties to its market, detailing real-time performance. These property and marketing insights aid your marketing strategy and helps you adapt to changing circumstances.

You can set quarterly goals based on real-time market conditions, with enhanced demographic and economic projects that directly impact your asset’s ability to meet objectives. This data is delivered automatically.

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