Estimating Commercial Real Estate Loans Using Fit Small Business

Although there are numerous calculators designed to help people when buying commercial property, none works in the same way as Fit Small Business. With this calculator, existing and potential clients have access to a descriptive guide. This accurate loan estimate helps clients better plan for buying a property.

Especially for commercial real estate, it is important to be exact on the required funds. The Fit Small Business calculator makes it easier to determine the monthly cost of buying a particular property so that there are no surprises at the time of closing.

Additional Fit Small Business Services

In addition to offering existing and potential commercial real estate clients with a top-rated calculator, Fit Small Business provides other highly beneficial services. One of the primary offerings is extensive review writing, as well as how-to-guides that relate to virtually every corner of small business. The goal is to provide owners of small businesses with key information in a straightforward manner.

To accomplish this, the team at Fit Small Business spends hours upon hours gathering hard facts, interviewing business owners, and much more to ensure that the reviews and guides are of the highest caliber possible. Review categories include:

Sales and Marketing – Generating more leads and securing more customers

Loans – Help for finding the right financing options

Accounting – Tax time and bookkeeping become less stressful and easier using the right software

Hiring and Managing – Finding, hiring, and motivating the best employees

Legal Services – Ensuring businesses remain safe and stay compliant

Starting a Business – Coming up with innovative ideas and proper testing

Realtors – Commercial real estate ideas, tools, software, and more

Whether you use Fit Small Business to gain access to a wealth of valuable information pertaining to commercial real estate or need to point existing and current clients to a high-functioning calculator, you will not be disappointed.

Although Fit Small Business has already achieved success, the company continues to grow as it meets the needs of commercial real estate professionals and small business owners alike. To ensure you receive everything needed and more, the team conducts research, followed by narrowing a list down to three products, each user-friendly and with multiple features. At that point, an in-depth comparison of pricing, ease-of-use, features, and customer service is written.

Founded almost three years ago by David Waring and Marc Prosser, Fit Small Business brings to the table 25-plus years of unrivaled experience and expertise in the area of marketing and small business management. Although any small company can benefit from what Fit Small Business provides, it has proven to be a great resource for professionals in commercial real estate.

Just one year after opening an office in Manhattan, New York, a team of talented writers and experts in web publishing were added. Today, Fit Small Business has a monthly readership of more than 450,000 users, not to mention the large number of commercial real estate professionals who recommend the calculator to clients.

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