First Centralized Real Estate Investment Funding Portal Launched

Connected Investors recently announced the launch of, The Connected Investors Exchange, the first centralized real estate investment funding portal. With the availability of this new technology, real estate professionals will now to be able to submit deals quickly and easily to a vast network of asset-based lenders. The Connected Investors Exchange has developed a reputation for boasting the largest network of real estate investors in the world.

Why the Need for the Funding Portal

In recent months, asset-based lenders, such as hard money companies, hedge funds, real estate crowdfunding portals, and private lenders, have expressed strong interest in investing capital into real estate. Finding borrowers and deals can sometimes prove to be complex, however. is designed to provide asset-based lenders with the networking tools necessary to put their capital to work.

Lenders are not alone in their frustration. At the same time, on the borrower side, locating funding for investment properties has proven to be a challenge following the market crash, resulting in the loss of many deals. Prohibitive financial regulations have made accessing funding for investment properties even more complicated. Consequently, many potential deals have sat idle because developers were not able to find the funding they needed in time to fund those deals. Now, with the availability of, borrowers are able to use the portal to answer a few simple questions and have their funding request forwarded to lenders. Lenders on the platform provide funding for a variety of types of real estate investment projects, ranging from large-scale commercial deals to residential flips. As such, CiX is now filling a vital gap within the investment marketplace by connecting real estate investors to alternative resources for capital.

Matching Lenders to Borrowers

The unique algorithm on matches loan applications with the right lender for the necessary funding requirements, thus making the entire investment funding process as seamless as possible for both the lender and the borrower. Since lenders are actually competing to fund deals on the platform, borrowers can be assured they are receiving the best funding option. Lenders on the portal tend to have plenty of capital for funding projects and are actually eager to put that capital into deals. Borrowers who have found it difficult to locate available funding in the past may find that the breadth of funding available through the exchange is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Through the release of the portal, the real estate investing sector is now able to take full advantage of the Fintech revolution. Currently, the online marketplace boasts more than 200,000 members, making it the largest social network community dedicated solely to real estate investors. Lenders seeking investment opportunities will find that CiX offers an extensive inventory of bulk property packages and off-market properties. By bringing eager lenders together with borrowers searching for the best funding opportunities, CiX is helping to meet a strong demand and fulfill a vital need in the real estate lending sector.

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