Floored: 3D floor planning like never before

Floored creates fully interactive, digital versions of real-life interior spaces.

Floored offers 3D scanning, data refinement, and design services. The Floored process precisely captures any space in three dimensions with photographic detail. Then, using a combination of sophisticated algorithms and manual reconstruction, they further refine this data. When they're done, the plan is available online, ready for interactive exploration from any browser.

The end product is truly and impressive result. For instance, check out One World Trade Center (you will need to download a small plugin to view). You can double click anywhere on the floor plan and immediately be taken to an in-person (or "immersive" as they call it) view of that area which you can then virtually walk around.

They have a great post on their blog, Seeing 3D in 2D, covering exactly how they create these types of visualizations.

If you want to learn more, TechCrunch recently covered Floored, too.

Here is a great video of their CEO Dave Eisenberg at Disrupt NY 2013.

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