Focus 1st Offers Unique Pricing and Presentation System to Help Realtors Win More Listings

When it comes to winning listings, real estate professionals often must utilize a variety of techniques and ensure that they have the most polished, well-researched presentation possible. Ultimately, it often comes down to pricing. Focus 1st LLC provides a Visual Pricing System to provide real estate professionals with the ability to use their own MLS searches to build custom graphs. Those graphs can then be used to answer key customer questions that might otherwise make or break a listing deal. The system is designed to be incredibly easy to use while providing clear explanations to clients.

Real estate agents use their own MLS to search for properties comparable to the subject property. Agents may choose properties as necessary and then export those results from their MLS into the system. Next, by using the Visual Pricing for Realtors Application, the agent can have several graphs generated automatically, based on the data imported.

Showing Is Better than Telling

The basic premise behind the Visual Pricing System is that it is far better to show clients how much their property could be worth than to simply tell them. This can be particularly true for clients who may lean more toward visual learning styles. Beyond just simply telling a client how much his or her home could be worth based on local comps, agents can use the Visual Pricing System to provide information regarding neighborhood patterns. Such patterns can help agents to boost their expertise by offering graphs that include Time to Sell, Odds of Selling, and Neighborhood Buying Patterns.

Also available are Scattergram Pricing graphs that include five factors critical to pricing: location, price, size, special features, and amenities. The Pricing Pond offers the most visual manner to explain how real estate works to clients. With this graph, agents can educate their customers using professional -quality, easy-to-read images. The Visual Pricing System also helps agents to explain the concept of positioning to clients by showing that pricing not only takes into account past home sales, but also by positioning listings against both current and future market competition.

Since 2008, the Visual Pricing System has completely revolutionized how agents in the United States and Canada present pricing information to clients. In fact, the Visual Pricing System is now operational in more than 350 MLS areas, with more areas being added on a weekly basis.

Benefits to CRE Professionals as Well

Designed specifically to be used by real estate sales professionals, the Visual Pricing System offers benefits to both residential and commercial agents. While many users of the system are residential agents, commercial real estate professionals also often use the tool for analyzing the economic health of surrounding neighborhoods in order to better ascertain commercial property values.

In a competitive industry, real estate professionals need every advantage possible to win listings. The Visual Pricing System provides agents with the tools they need to educate and convince prospective clients of their market expertise.



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