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How often have you been knee-deep in a business matter, only to have something completely unrelated come across your desk at the exact wrong time, causing you to lose focus? Let’s assume that the information you just received is pertinent, but not for another month or so. Now, you’re tasked with properly storing this update away for later use, while simultaneously trying to regain the train of thought you were just on. The anxiety can be maddening. You literally can’t afford to forget either, right? Enter, arguably the easiest-to-use reminder system on the market right now. allows users to send automated emails to themselves and other relevant parties, without ever having to leave their inboxes. In contrast to the more complicated contact management systems such as those associated with CRM software, is as simple as choosing CC or BCC.

Users who want to have a reminder sent only to their inboxes need only to BCC it to {length of time} For example, if you wanted to follow up in two weeks with a particular client that you just had a productive email exchange with, all you would have to do is type the reminder out in the body of an email and BCC before sending. On the other hand, if you wanted to send the reminder to your entire sales team, you would merely hit CC instead of BCC and include the corresponding contacts. The reminders are all included in the same email chain, so you don’t have to worry about them cluttering up your inbox.

followup 1 integrates seamlessly with Gmail, so you can easily keep track of all of the reminders you set on your calendar.

followup 2

Just like an alarm clock, users can set reminders to “Snooze” if they need more time.

followup 3

The app offers a variety of different pricing options, ranging from plans geared toward individual users to ones intended for fully-fledged teams.

The downsides to are two-fold. First, there is currently no mobile functionality, which is a problem in an increasingly mobile business environment. Secondly, it lacks the detailed analytics reports that you receive when you use certain CRM software.

These two points have not been lost on the developers, though. They are currently in the process of rolling out a mobile app for both Android and iOS, and are also updating their Google Chrome extension to include the open rate statistics on sent emails. In the end, if you’re a real estate professional looking for a more user-friendly organizational tool, is probably right up your alley.

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