Four Technologies That Make Nurturing Leads Easy

Ask any real estate professional what task eats up the majority of their time, and chances are lead nurturing will be amongst the top three. Claim some of that time back for more important tasks that grow your business. How? Lean on the automated processes that make lead nurturing less time-consuming and better at converting.

1. Chatbots

For real estate agents and brokers, answering basic property queries consumes valuable energy. Emails or texts like, “Do you have any 1000 - 1500 square foot office spaces available in the East Side neighborhood?” rarely lead to a closed sale. With an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot integrated to a database, the computer does the answering. The sophisticated AI can provide the website visitor with the requested information, ask further clarifying questions, and even capture data if the visitor seems like a potential lead. As a bonus, the customer gets instant feedback and a great first customer service experience with the brand.

2. Automated marketing campaigns

Not all consumers are ready to pull the trigger and buy just then. As we know from studying the sales process, consumers go through a cycle of research and consideration before diving into details that lead to a purchasing decision. When it's time for the consumer to buy, make sure your brand is top-of-mind. Automated marketing campaigns can personalize content to your leads and where they stand in the sales process. The best part about automated campaigns is once they are set up, that's it. There's no recreating the wheel and rewriting emails. Trigger campaigns by a schedule or by a consumer behavior.

3. Big data

Big data crunches huge quantities of seemingly unrelated information to find the patterns and trends agents, brokers, and other CRE professionals would miss. It is an invaluable tool for lead nurturing, both for prospecting leads and predicting trends. Big data identifies potential tenants or businesses that could be looking to move soon. The same data can reveal what practices are most likely to convert a lead to a customer. Data predicts behavior trends, such as if a consumer downloads a white paper, how likely are they to contact the business with more questions or become a bonafide customer? Know what practices to invest your energy for better lead generation and nurturing.

4. CRM

A sophisticated customer relationship management program is the benchmark of a lead nurturing strategy. The CRMs document all contacts with a potential client. Never miss a potential sale again. Set your CRM to send alerts when someone in the company needs to take action and follow up with the potential client. Make sure the CRM integrates with any other tools the company may utilize, like automated email campaigns or chatbots.





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