GeoPhy Delivers Transparency to Commercial Real Estate

In a world demanding ever-greater transparency, property investment remains incredibly opaque. On a daily basis, investors, banks, institutional investors, pension funds, consultants, governments, law enforcement and regulatory bodies make key decisions about property investments and developments based on partial and inconsistent information. Yet they need to understand, assess and minimize the risks involved and analyze the short, medium and longer-term market potential.


These decisions have a real impact on the pension fund investments, insurance premiums and portfolio returns. Every year, millions are spent on property market data and research and historically property data has been patchy in its coverage, variable in quality and unreliable in its consistency.

The world has never had a reliable, objective and comprehensive horizontal and vertical view of the property industry... until now.

GeoPhy was founded to bring transparency into the opaque world of real estate. We aim to become the independent global source for information and analysis for everyone with financial exposure to real estate. First launched in the Netherlands as ‘OfficeRank’ in 2014, GeoPhy now focuses on the global property market. Co-founded by Teun van den Dries (CEO) and Sander Mulders (CTO), the management team combines strong entrepreneurial, technology, architecture and engineering expertise. Furthermore, the team consists of econometricians, mathematicians, data scientists, GIS experts and full-stack developers.

“In God we trust. Everyone else, bring data!” – Bloomberg

Reducing Risk in Commercial Real Estate through Greater Insight

Among the most common quandaries that real estate investors face is determining which properties offer the most potential for investing and the best way to minimize risks. Under previous systems, developers, financial institutions, consultants, and other organizations were only able to access poor quality data that tended to be not only inaccurate but also completely non-transparent. This could significantly impact the decision making process. The data provided by GeoPhy is more transparent, accurate, and more convenient, thus driving greater insight.


Different User Options Offered for Individualized Functionality

GeoPhy also provides three different user options, ensuring that everyone is able to take advantage of functionality that meets their specific needs. With the Basic option, users are able to search for and evaluate buildings. Data is made available via a dashboard or a map view that provides detailed information regarding specific buildings. Additionally, each building is provided with the GeoPhy score, along with general information regarding size, building details, availability, ownership, and price.

With the Pro license, users are provided with access to greater tools and data. For instance, users can search for a city, area, or owner. Additionally, users can perform extensive research, comparisons, and analysis. Insights into market dynamics is also provided, along with a ratio between price and quality, and user profiles. Users can also take advantage of the ability to export data to be used for internal analysis or presentations.

Users may also opt for the Pro+ license, which offers the most comprehensive information. With this license, users gain access to investment transactions and contracts, along with GeoPhy valuations. Additionally, users can gain access to historical trends and historical development regarding vacancies, pricing, and take-up with the Pro+ license.

The world of commercial real estate may be increasingly complex and competitive, but with the data access provided by GeoPhy, investors, developers, and other commercial real estate professionals are able to benefit from greater industry transparency.


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