[guest post] What’s Networking Worth to You?

The following is a guest post from Jonathan Schultz, Founder And Managing Principal At Onyx Equities

Networking and collaborating happens on a daily basis. You search for people, their connections and what they can offer you, what you can offer them, with a simple click of a button. With sites like LinkedIn and in other cases, Facebook, connections can be made quite easily, but how many of those connections lead to your end objective? How many of those connections went no further than the initial acceptance? Relationship building and business development make the differences between closing new business or giving it to a competitor.

Let me introduce to you, Relationship Science (“RelSci”).  Founded originally in 2010, Relationship Science was introduced by Neal Goldman, co-founder of Capital IQ. It is the  idea of “building relationships as the most important part for selling and growing”, according to Goldman, who knew there was a better way to search and connect with others. According to an article written by Josh Mait, Chief Marketing Officer of RelSci, it is important to keep your network lean by focusing on quality, not quantity. It’s about engaging thought leaders and influencers.

With a collection of more than 1 million organizations and over 3 million decision makers affiliated with them, RelSci provides technology solutions to create competitive advantage for those seeking to take their business to the next level and bolster their practice. RelSci gives access to a list of heavyweight entrepreneurs, and is known as the high-end social network showcasing executives such as private equity manager, Henry R. Kravis and and billionaire investor, Ronald O. Perelman. The database also includes information on power brokers, business executives with profiles of more than 2 million of the most influential people in the country. They work These profiles include their political affiliation, family connections, board positions and their philanthropy history. There’s nothing like this on the market.

Core Features

  • Mapping senior employees and their relationships to over 3.5 million influential decision makers. See what connections you have to those targets you’re aiming for.
  • Get deep data that tells you the in's and out’s of your targets. What do they like? Who do they support? What organizations do they contribute to?
  • How to utilize these relationships to create new business opportunities.

The big idea behind RelSci is to help businesses engage and stay engaged and deliver by providing more information to get to target people. RelSci gives customers the ability to truly understand the people they target, their network and what they care about, allowing more analysis of their behaviors and what this can do for you. In short, they provide the data and the customer decides how to act on it. Most organizations underachieve due to opportunities missed by the failure of relationship capital.

By compiling  information from all across the web, RelSci allows customers to reveal connections to some of the most highly sought after relationships and build upon those ties to leverage their organization. I, personally have invested in RelSci and can attest to their innovative style, practical approaches and competitive advantage in the market. The company has already raised $90 million from investors, an amount sure to continue to grow each year. Big things are coming for RelSci and I hope you will join me in their journey.

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By: Jonathan Schultz

Founder And Managing Principal At Onyx Equities

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