HelloFax: A cure for CRE’s facsimile addiction

HelloFax allows users to Throw away their fax machine!
Tell me more, you say? We'll let HelloFax do the explaining:

You want to go digital, but ancient legislation and old regulations require that you fax. We let you go paperless, while also letting you work with old technology.

No need for expensive software, desktop solutions, or printers & fax machines. Everything you need, we provide.

Manage documents

Some of your most important documents go through our system. We help you manage and keep track of them.

Integrate with Dropbox and you'll be able to receive faxes directly into a Dropbox folder.

Go paperless

Who needs a printer or scanner? One of the main purposes of a printer is to fill out and sign documents. Since you can now do both in the browser, many customers have stopped using their printers & scanners all together.

Send & receive faxes?

HelloFax is a service that lets you send and receive faxes, all from your browser. That means you're never tied to the office and you never need to use paper. Need to receive a fax? Get a local fax number and we'll forward all your faxes to your email.

Want to send faxes from your email? If you're faxing the White House, for example, you'd put this number in the TO field: 2024562461@hellofax.com. Then, you attach your document to the email and click send. We'll deliver the fax for you.

Request signatures

Sign contracts faster. Need someone to sign a NDA? Just indicate where they need to sign and we'll do the rest. Close deals faster. Instead of taking days or weeks to get a signature, you can now close in hours.

Who uses us? Businesses owners, realtors, lawyers, investors and many others.

Add your signature

You can upload your own signature, draw it with your mouse, or email it in with your smartphone, making us the easiest signing service ever.

Once you add your signature, you can fax it - or save paper by emailing it.

Sign & email documents

Want to save paper? Enter an email address, instead of a fax number and we'll deliver your signed document. We authenticate the sender's email account before sending, so you can be certain who sent the document.

Nuff' said, get it here.

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