Hightower Brings Its Leasing Platform Full Circle With Hightower 360

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Ever the forward-thinkers, Hightower has been profiled on this site in the past as the team who pioneered the first leasing app strictly tailored to today’s mobile workforce, and they’ve taken it to the next level with their most recent announcement: Hightower 360.

So, what is Hightower 360? In a nutshell, it’s Hightower 2.0 - with the same solid leasing platform serving as the foundation and game changing new features built on top of it - like current tenant tracking and inventory management. To break it down into even more detail, according to the Hightower team, Hightower 360 will offer users the following:

Inventory Marketing

Your inventory is your business. With Hightower 360, advertising that inventory is effortless with the ability to manage, share, and syndicate your marketing materials.

Syndicate Via Hightower

  • Hightower 360 allows you to automatically syndicate your availabilities to your listing services and buildings’ websites in real time, ensuring that they are always up-to-date.

Share Marketing Materials with a Click

  • Share your marketing materials directly with tenants and brokers with a single click from mobile or web.

Measure Your Marketing Activity

  • Measure how effective your marketing efforts are with tour and pipeline analytics.

Deal Pipeline Management

Hightower 360 drives leasing velocity by removing the friction from every step in the leasing process, enabling you to close deals even faster.

Deal Tracking

  • Manage your deal pipeline all the way from prospect to executed lease.

Deal Conversion Analytics

  • Understand your leasing business with deal conversion and leasing velocity analytics. Benchmark your assets against each other and quickly spot outliers.

Side by Side Proposal Analysis

  • Never wait for financial analysis again. Hightower 360 delivers real time, side-by-side analysis of every proposal on a deal.

Current Tenant Tracking

We know that managing your current tenants is just as important as tracking your deal pipeline, which is why Hightower 360 is the first platform to bring them together into one seamless experience.

Property Management System Integration

  • Hightower 360 connects directly to your property management systems, giving you a live view of your current tenants, upcoming lease expirations, and encumbrances.

Real-Time Tenant Insights

  • Gain complete visibility into your tenant relationships, including their leases and active deals in a single view.

Interactive Stacking plans are here

  • Visualize your inventory, deals, and current tenancy with live, interactive stacking plans.


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With the introduction of Hightower 360, the Hightower team has moved one step closer to providing a comprehensive leasing solution for commercial owners and brokers that provides everything they need right in the palm of their hand. As it is right now, Hightower is analyzing approximately 300,000 data points per month. What’s even crazier than that is that they’re doubling this figure every month! The growth speaks for itself!

Hightower 360 is poised to become the hub for an unparalleled volume of leasing information, due to its integration into the accounting systems of property owners. At the rate they are currently on, they are on pace to be processing more than 1,000,000 data points per month by the end of the year. If they can keep this up, there’s no reason to believe that Hightower won’t continue to distinguish itself as one of the leading innovators in the commercial real estate technology sector.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about Hightower 360 or setting up a demo.

Also, be sure to check out the write up we did on their latest round of fundraising and our exclusive Q&A with Hightower CEO Brandon Weber. And… if that isn’t enough to feed your Hightower fix, don’t be hesitant to keep up with their latest news on The News Funnel.

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