HomeActions Making Listing Services Easier with eProspecting Feature

With a commitment to always listening to its customers, HomeActions has recently announced new improvements to enhance the digital marketing efforts of real estate professionals. Sending time-sensitive announcements, such as open houses and new listings, is vital to maximizing ROI in digital marketing. HomeActions has responded to that need by introducing a new feature.

OnTarget email blasts allows real estate professionals to send out important email messages to their databases at any time they wish rather than waiting until the next scheduled newsletter in order to get word out about open house events, important market news, virtual tours, and new listings.

HomeActions has designed the new system to be incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that even if real estate professionals are not incredibly tech savvy, they can still use the feature with ease. Pre-formatted emails are designed to include graphics, social media links, website links, and contact information automatically. Additionally, real estate professionals will have the opportunity to format the body of an email and even edit it to include any images, text, tables, or links they wish to add.

Automatic Link Tracking Included

One of the most important aspects of prospecting digitally and making use of digital marketing is ensuring that emails are sent to the correct email addresses and not to unsubscribed members. HomeActions works behind the scenes to filter out any problem emails, thus helping to relieve agents of that burden. Furthermore, HomeActions tracks all of the links included in OnTarget emails, eliminating the need for agents to do extra work to add link-tracking metrics or even shorten links.

Agents are able to preview messages in their inboxes or online prior to launching the messages to their contacts. This helps to ensure that even if an agent is on the go, he or she will still be able to create, preview, and send time-sensitive messages without worrying about missing an important opportunity. Real estate professionals can also take advantage of the chance to launch messages immediately or schedule messages to be launched at a future date. The agent can simply choose the date for the message to be sent and rest assured that it will be launched on that date.

Data Intelligence Driven for Greater Response Rates

Built-in data intelligence helps to ensure that agents always have a handle on whether their messages are received. This is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing, and it is one that has remained somewhat hit or miss in the past. HomeActions provides users with the ability to view exactly who viewed their messages and even what those readers clicked on and when the messages were read. In addition to ensuring that messages are actually received, agents are able to use this powerful data to tweak their marketing campaigns to drive higher response rates and greater ROI.

Agents will find that getting started is relatively simple, as HomeActions gathers and uploads email addresses across a variety of email platforms, including Gmail and Outlook.

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