HomeMe App Results in Painless Apartment Rentals

If you have gone through the process of trying to rent an apartment, you know all too well how difficult it can be. Especially when looking for rentals in larger cities, like Dallas and Houston, apartment hunting is downright difficult. Thanks to a new app called HomeMe, the apartment rental process can be painless.

This new mobile app is changing the rental market. After entering specific information, you receive a list of apartments — but only those that you would actually qualify to rent. Created by Mark Douglas, previously the chief technology officer for the Rubicon Project and eHarmony, you can have confidence that a tremendous amount of thought and work went into the development of this app.

Easier Apartment Renting

Ultimately, this free mobile app is making life easier for thousands of apartment renters. To ensure that renters receive an accurate list of apartments, the app reviews their financial information and rental history. Included in this are their credit rating, annual income, recent rental history, and background information. Based on that, the app cross-references property listing criteria.

With HomeMe, renters spend less time and effort chasing down apartments only to learn that your qualifications do not match the criteria. In addition to making apartment rental easier, the app speeds up the process and enhances convenience for both renters and property management companies.

Renters can browse listings, schedule appointments to see different units, and then reserve the apartment they like and are approved to rent, all from their mobile phone. The days of driving around the city only to be disappointed are over. Douglas explained that the pre-approved listings are part of a real-time database consisting of only available apartments.

In addition to renters, property managers love the HomeMe app. Because renters are pre-approved upfront, property managers are presented with qualified renters. In addition, by having immediate access to renter preferences, property managers find it easier to select the right apartment prior to a lease being signed.

Driving Pre-Approved Traffic

As of today, HomeMe is the only available app that drives pre-approved traffic to a specific property based on customized screening criteria. For renters to use this app, they must first get pre-approved using the process mentioned above. Once approved, renters can browse through all types of listings or use the map for searching. Based on income, the app automatically filters results accordingly. Renters can then save their favorite searches, listings, and even units.

Once listings of interest are identified, renters use the HomeMe mobile app to schedule a showing. After finding the right apartment, the unit is reserved through the app. Never before has there been anything like HomeMe.

Currently, the HomeMe app is only available to people in Dallas, Austin, and Houston, Texas. However, with this app already getting rave reviews and demand growing, it will soon reach both the West and East coast. Although the app just launched this year, HomeMe has already proven to streamline the rental application process, changing the rental market landscape.

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