Homesnap Makes Home Buying a Snap with Real-Time MLS Data

Multiple Listing Service data has always provided a wealth of information for real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers. If there is one downside to MLS data, however, it is that it is often not up to date. Homesnap is making the process of searching for a home easier by providing real-time MLS data. Both a consumer version and an agent version are available. With the Homesnap Pro version, users are able to take advantage of agent-only features as well as confidential listing information.

How the Homesnap Platform Works to Provide Real-Time MLS Data

Homesnap works with multiple listing services that provide data to the platform, which in turn makes that data available to members as an added benefit. The platform is best known for its "snap a photo to get the scoop" feature. With this feature, anyone can take a photo of any home in the United States and receive information on what that home is worth. This feature works great for those times when prospective buyers are out driving around neighborhoods to scout prospective properties, see a home, and wonder how much it might be worth. Homesnap makes such information readily available. Even homeowners can take advantage of the feature to find out the value of a home similar to their own and use that information as a comp.

Designed for efficiency and power, Homesnap gives users the benefit of a MLS that can be accessed from their phone. The platform also provides a range of other features, including a safety timer, in-app messaging, and more, all provided to help real estate professionals perform their jobs better and with more ease

A Wide Range of Features Made Available to Agents and Brokers

Homesnap even makes it possible for agents to provide their clients with a branded search. All buyer inquiries are sent directly to agents. For agents who are new to using Homesnap Pro, the Pro University gives users tips and tricks to make the most of everything the platform has to offer. With Homesnap Pro Business, top agents, teams, and brokers receive the power tools they need to grow their business operations, including production metrics, agent rankings, and reports. This type of unparalleled insight ensures that real estate professionals are able to leverage the latest data to take full advantage of market conditions. Homesnap even offers Facebook ads to help agents and brokers promote their business on Facebook, using targeted ads to drive new business. With more and more homebuyers now beginning their search for a home online, this feature is quite valuable.

The platform currently provides real estate listings in a host of cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and many others.

Both iOS and Android apps are available on the Homesnap platform to make it easier for homebuyers and agents alike to receive the information they need while on the go.

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