Honest Buildings: A Social Network for Building Data

Honest Buildings helps real estate professionals discover building information, uncover the companies for a wide variety of industry-related needs and highlights the service providers and organizations.
Speaking at a recent VERGE event, Riggs Kubiak, CEO with Honest Buildings, sees a massive opportunity to connect buildings owners through a hyper-connected network to make for sustainable cities.

Riggs starts to talk about Honest Buildings specifically beginning 7:43 into the above video.

At about 10:27 he begins to talk about how organizations can use Honest Buildings information to create "integrated suite of technology" which will increase awareness and interconnectivity.

Honest Buildings maybe the only source where you can identify the building's basic attributes like total square footage and year constructed, but also energy-related certifications such as LEED and Energy Star.

In addition, many popular or institutionally-owned buildings also include the building's ownership and management entity names, as well as other professional service firms, such as architects, that have completed projects within the building.

For example, here is the profile of the Empire State Building:

In addition to a map and professional imagery, the record includes who the building's owner and property manager are.

Use of Honest Buildings has many benefits for a wide range of industry roles. More from their website:

Owners, Managers & Investors
Discover the most qualified building service providers with less effort than ever before, drive new leasing activity to your building, and increase occupant satisfaction. Take control of your building's online identity and get started for free with Honest Buildings.

Professional Services
Connect with new business opportunities, highlight your professional track record, foster old relationships and create new ones.

Broker & Financial Services
Connect to new clients, showcase your portfolio of work, build and maintain relationships more frequently and efficiently, and close new business.

Groups, Non-Profit & Government
Connect to your group members, highlight past and future projects, and drive awareness to increase participation, transparency and awareness.

Tenants & Occupiers
Discover and compare detailed information about buildings so they can find the perfect space with the most engaged building owners and management.

Video Source: GreenBiz.com

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