Increase Sales by 22% with REthink CRM

REthink CRM means business. If its partnership with the world’s most popular CRM,, isn’t enough to convince you of that, there is one number that definitely should. On average, REthink users experience a 22 percent increase in sales. Now that’s impressive!

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REthink is a mobile-ready CRM, designed with residential and commercial real estate professionals in mind. The commercial version allows users to generate lease comps, ranks the inquiries of prospective clients and assign tasks to the different members of a brokerage team, among other things. With the residential version, users have the option to integrate MLS listings into the program, which then automatically matches prospects with each listing. On the whole, there are just too many features to list when it comes to REthink, which is why pricing for both the residential and commercial versions can get a little complicated. To get a better idea of what each one offers, check out the videos below:

To get a better idea on whether you need REthink CRM or not, consider the following:

  • Does your business suffer from disjointed programs?
  • Does you business suffer from inconsistent internal processes?
  • Does your business lack internal communication?
  • Does your business lack proper visibility?

rethink crm, real estate crm, rethinkcrm, rethink, rethink real estate

For more information on REthink CRM, refer to this exclusive interview with CEO Vijay Mehra on The News Funnel.

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