iServe Offers Access to Proprietary Technology for More Efficient Management of REO Assets

Nationally recognized asset manager iServe recently announced servicing or selling more than 25,000 REO assets with a total value of more than $2 billion. At the heart of the company's success is a state-of-the-art proprietary portfolio management system. The system, iMS, offers the ability to manage client portfolios effectively and with increased transparency and greater reporting capabilities. By reporting on all data shared via source systems, iMS delivers a comprehensive view of all assets in real-time. Furthermore, data can be custom filtered and even delivered in report format. iSREO provides clients with complimentary access to iMS as part of the company's service package. This is a tremendous value-added feature that gives clients the ability to manage their portfolios in far greater detail than in the past.

User-Friendly Portfolio Management System Offers Greater Transparency

While iServe's portfolio management system is incredibly robust in nature, it also remains quite user-friendly. Along with increasing reporting capabilities, the system also helps drive increased efficiency regarding the manner in which reports can be generated. Since iMS is a Web-based portal, it is designed to link investor and service providers intuitively using comparative analytics combined with interactive charting, risk metrics, and workflow user tasking. Additionally, the interface makes it possible to deploy service provider-to-investor transparency. Currently, iMS is capable of mapping more than 300 asset level characteristics from a multitude of data providers. As a result, investors are able to view their portfolio as well as monitor service providers. Along with providing the iSREO team with valuable data for managing the REO process more effectively, clients are presented with a solid and timely return on their investments.

Improved Access to Data Driving Greater Returns on Investments

Greater availability of data has proven critical in the improved management of all types of investments, including various sectors in the real estate industry, such as REO properties. iServe's portfolio management system is proving to be revolutionary in terms of the most up-to-date access to investment information possible. With greater transparency on assets, it becomes possible to manage those assets in the most effective manner possible. Not only does this approach drive greater returns on investments, but it also sets the stage of mitigating risks and losses to the greatest degree possible. In an industry in which risk and loss are an everyday occurrence, the ability to mitigate those factors is quite welcome.

iServe Real Estate Operations provides a number of quality services to help manage properties from foreclosure through final disposition. Those services include REO asset management and disposition, redemption auctions, property preservation management, eviction management, vendor management, and BPO valuation services.

While the number of foreclosures around the country has declined significantly since the height of the housing crisis, foreclosures and REO properties are still very much a reality in many areas. The services provided by iServe make it possible to manage such assets in an efficient manner while delivering the greatest return on investment.

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