KISI: Keyless Entry Solution for Property Managers

Are you tired of sitting idly by and watching while modern technology makes sweeping changes in seemingly every industry except yours? You may want to check out KISI.

KISI is a mobile app that enables keyless entry to specific spaces for users approved by the building owner/manager. It renders age-old security solutions like physical keys, PinPads, keycards or turnstiles as options of the past. Yet, at the same time, these solutions need not be replaced, as KISI can be integrated into a building’s security system along with them, saving the installer tons of time and the aggravation that comes along with trying to convince individual people to transfer over to the new method.

With a few simple clicks, electronic keys can be sent out to a list of contacts. These keys and respective activity, can then be monitored on the KISI dashboard.

So, property managers are not only in complete control of who has access to each specific room in a particular building, but they can also monitor each person’s comings and goings as well.

Overall, KISI benefits property managers by offering them the following:

  • Ease of access – No need for awkward keycard holders or keychains. Users gain access to a space with one swipe.
  • Uniformity – No need to worry about different sets of keys or access codes. KISI is a uniform security solution that is the same for everyone.
  • Enhanced Security – Keycards and keys can be swapped. Codes can be written down. With KISI, property managers maintain ultimate control of who is allowed to go where.
  • Decreased Expenses – No more lost keys or keycards!!!

The cost for KISI varies depending on the size of the building. There is a one-time set-up and activation fee of $99 and a minimum one-year commitment. This does not include installation and if there’s one notable drawback to the service, it’s that licensed KISI installers are only available in major metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you are good with these stipulations, you might want to consider giving KISI a try.

Learn more about Kisi here.

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