“Know before you show” with View the Space

View the Space is a website dedicated to streamlining the leasing process in order to help brokers, owners and tenants get deals done faster. From their website:
Streamline the leasing process and get deals done faster.

Know before you show. When you receive an inquiry, simply click the share button and qualify the lead when you are on the phone -- no more wasted tours
Monitor which brokers are most actively viewing and sharing your spaces - in real time. Focus on the most interested parties
Improve and track all your existing marketing efforts
Share the leasing activity with your entire team and ownership; our custom activity reports clearly display your hard work first hand.
Canvass for new exclusive tenant rep assignments
Seamlessly create customizable tour books; insert logos and color schemes

It's a simple numbers game: the more brokers and tenants who tour your vacancies, the faster they will lease. Your biggest challenge is getting the right tenant through the door, so bring the door to them.

Flatten geographic barriers: Empower brokers disseminate your assets to anyone, anywhere
Seamlessly integrate the VTS Digital Tour into all marketing channels
Streamline communication, saving you time and money
Measure and track all activity in real-time, giving you unprecedented information to make better, more informed decisions

View The Space takes a long and painful process and makes it efficient and enjoyable. Our engaging tool enables you to collaborate with your broker and tour more properties together, from anywhere in the world.

Have your broker send over the VTS Digital Tour to preview the potential spaces before physically traveling to see them in person – stop guessing and qualify each space beforehand
Once you have narrowed down your final options, easily share the VTS Digital Tour with your colleagues to reach a consensus and make the decision faster

They've already got some pretty big names using the service, including property owners Boston Properties, Brookfield, Equity Office and Silverstein, as well as brokerage firms Jones Lang LaSalle and Cushman & Wakefield.

While they are certainly different from one another, the closest thing we've seen to View The Space is Flyer.io. It looks like View The Space is focused on NYC right now, so brokers, owners and tenants have Flyer.io as their only, but still very good option for creating a web-based property flyer and virtual tour.

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