Kudos to 42Floors and View The Space

Back in September 12, 2012 on CRE Outsider, Loopnet's very own Kelly Steiz mentioned that Loopnet was "currently in development for new functionality to support the upload of videos."
I suggested that they code up a DIV and be done with it... Six months later: still no video!

Meanwhile, 42Floors and View The Space are now teaming up to provide video tours. Check it out:

How'd they do it? A couple DIVs and some javascript...

<div id="video" class="media-container media-viewer first">
<script src='http://assets4.viewthespace.com/assets/partners/embed_video.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<div class="media-wrapper">
<div class="videos slides" style="height: 374px; width: 660px; overflow: hidden;">
<div class="slide slide_1"
subject-type="Listing" vts-key="1250-broadway-19th-floor">

It couldn't have been as complicated (or costly) as making a building disappear.

And, I bet more users would have found value in a video DIV, rather than a signed Train guitar.... Ugh.

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