Kwelia: Multifamily Rental Rate Visualization


Rental Rate bar charts are soooo 2001. Ugh, and just when you were getting the hang of creating them in Excel....

Kwelia is a web-based application which uses heat mapping to visualize apartment rental rates.

How it works:

Big Data

Through professional relationships and bleeding-edge technology, we are constantly collecting continuous streams of rental market data points. We take pride in our ability to always be on top of what's going on in them.

Quantitative Analysis

Using techniques borrowed from academia, we analyze the data and derive valuable insights from it.

Real Estate

We neatly package these insights into beautifully-designed software products that assist with critical things like new unit pricing, renewal rates (coming soon), competitive intelligence, and market trends.

Anyone taking notes here? Office buildings, retail centers, industrial facilities? They're next. The only question is, who's gonna do it first?

Big data visualization is coming to CRE and I can't wait.

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