Kykloud’s Property Inspection Survey iPad App

Users of kykloud's iPad Survey App see 40%-60% time savings and efficiency gains according to the company's website. Their iPad survey app enables surveyors to survey 2 built assets per day when it typically takes 1-3 days per building using traditional data collection methods. How do they do it?

Linking directly into your asset model, kykloud has developed a mobile app for iPad which allows surveyors and survey managers to effectively manage complex survey programs across multiple sites and portfolios. Generating surveys to custom madates directly from the building data in the asset model means the surveyors on site are creating accurate surveys, collecting evidence and enabling effective reporting through our web based asset management software.

Survey managers select the sites which are to be surveyed, choose which survey type to perform on the site - M&E Condition Survey, H&S Survey, Snagging Survey - whichever type of survey required can be created and saved for re-use on other sites. Custom Mandate creation means that all survey needs can be covered and rules can be put in place to enforce data collection and photographic evidence if certain condition or priority threasholds are hit.

The generated surveys are assigned to individuals, and the details are pushed onto their iPads. The surveyor completes the survey, and our software validates data collected against the rules set out by the survey manager. Incomplete surveys or those without evidence records in photo, note of voice recording will not be uploaded if mandated in the survey rules. All photographs, voice recordings and notes are automatically linked to the element defect meaning less time tagging photos back in the office.

Check the app out on kykloud's website.

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