Lane Emerges as First Mobile Engagement Platform Connecting Urban Professionals with the Building Where They Work

Lane, a SaaS software that makes it easy to create a smart workplace, is now leveraging the commercial real estate ecosystem to connect urban professionals with the buildings in which they work. Communication is handled directly via mobile devices. Lane is actually the first mobile engagement platform of its kind to connect professionals with the building where they work, the vendors and services in their area, and their employers. Engagement takes place throughout any city. Thanks to the groundbreaking approach of Lane, it is quickly disrupting the world of commercial real estate, particularly in regard to increasing workplace engagement via communication—a relatively untouched tech sector.

Over the course of the past year, Lane has completely transformed the way in which CRE buildings are able to communicate with tenants. As a result, it now represents some of the most well-known and largest office properties.

Benefits Available at the Touch of a Finger

Commercial real estate professionals are able to take advantage of a number of incredible benefits via Lane, including tremendous added value for property managers and employers. For instance, users are able to communicate directly with professionals while increasing workplace ecosystem engagement. Lane also helps to raise awareness while integrating tenants into programs such as corporate social responsibility, health and wellness, and sustainability.

Users are also able to receive analytics regarding participation and receive feedback by conducting questionnaires and surveys. Building managers and employers can also use Lane to offer building amenities and services in order to generate a better return on their investments. It's even possible to provide incentives and perks from participating services and vendors via Lane.

Lane takes the philosophy that since the workplace is where people spend the majority of their time during the week, it's important to be aware of everything their office building has to offer. With Lane, employees can stay informed about everything taking place within their building. Ultimately, Lane helps employees save time and money. For instance, users can take advantage of Lane to order a favorite drink ahead of time and then having it waiting for pickup, or check out the daily lunch specials available in the food court. Users can even pay for items via their mobile device. Everything that an urban professional needs to do can be accomplished via Lane—even arranging to pick up dry cleaning.

Employees can also use Lane to provide feedback regarding company appraisals, building events, and local initiatives, all with just the click of a button.

Flexibility and Customization Built In

The unique design of Lane makes it possible to completely customize it. Users can choose to set up their account by customizing the way in which they wish to communicate, choosing from push, SMS, text-to-voice, or email communication. Updates are delivered at whatever time of day a user chooses.

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