LeadSmarty Delivers Actionable, Timely, Relevant Leads to CRE Professionals

Business owners, sales people, marketing managers, and others working within the real estate industry will benefit greatly from LeadSmarty. With this event lead generation assistant, people can capitalize on real-time events and announcements within their own prospect lists. Developed specifically for commercial real estate professionals, this software delivers timely and relevant leads based on curated information, as well as purchased prospect lists and tenant roles.

Using LeadSmarty has never been easier. Commercial real estate professionals upload curated CRM or, if preferred, a purchased prospect list. Using the information, this innovative software generates viable leads. To accomplish this, the lead generator searches online and through various data sources while trying to identify a specific event or news story on which the client can capitalize.

Using trigger words combined with the information provided, LeadSmarty drives a perfect match. This match is then delivered quickly, giving the real estate professional adequate time to respond appropriately. The lead includes the event title, a summary, and even a link to the news story itself, where greater detail is provided. Considering that LeadSmarty tracks literally millions of corporate announcements and news stories, it is easy to see its true value.

Rather than providing commercial real estate professionals with filler or irrelevant information, LeadsSmarty delivers information that is pinpoint accurate, meaning everything is relevant to what the realtor wants and needs. The commercial real estate sector has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, with no end in sight. As such, this has become a highly competitive market. To succeed, realtors need an edge, which is exactly what LeadSmarty offers.

One of the more obvious benefits of this technology is the tremendous amount of time it saves. Without LeadSmarty, professionals in commercial real estate follow multiple websites and bloggers, searching for specific newsworthy stories and reading newspapers, press releases, white papers, and more. The time involved takes away from other responsibilities, which eventually has a negative impact on the business. LeadSmarty frees up valuable time.

If they want, the client can modify data from the CRM client list, allowing this technology to hone in better. Using LeadSmarty means that late nights scouring hardcopy publications and the Internet are over. While the commercial real estate agent sleeps, travels, entertains clients, or spends quality time with the family, this lead generation assistant continues to work hard and non-stop, to find the best opportunities.

As imagined, LeadSmarty gives commercial real estate professionals a distinct edge. After receiving an event announcement or news story, realtors have the unique opportunity to reach out before the competition. Having the right information at the right time is what it takes to be successful in the real estate business. This means that they no longer miss critical leads.

Because the information delivered is so precise and detailed, commercial real estate professionals can tailor their approach to potential buyers and sellers. In other words, realtors never go in blindly. Instead, they hold key information that shores up deals. Using information relevant to the realtor, LeadSmarty fills the inbox with potential client information, taking CRE business to a new level of success.


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