Light My Site Becomes First Mobile App to Determine Connectivity Options in CRE Properties

Connectivity has become a major consideration for tenants moving into new CRE properties. Now a new mobile app, Light My Site, is making it possible for anyone to see exactly which Internet service providers are available in commercial real estate properties in New York City. The app also provides information about current pricing, along with time frames for installation. To assist users in making the most informed decisions possible, Light My Site provides user reviews, helping users to obtain the information they need to sort through options.

Any tenant or CRE professional is able to use the app and corresponding website to request better connectivity options. There is no cost to use the app. All it takes is downloading the app for a user to determine available connectivity options. An easy user experience makes it simple and fast to order connectivity, rather than needing to go through the time-consuming process of calling the provider.

CRE professionals are able to benefit from the app by being able to speak accurately regarding Internet connectivity. Such connectivity is typically considered more important in a CRE property than other features, such as security and HVAC. Even so, CRE professionals often do not understand the subtle nuances of modern Internet connectivity.

How the New Mobile App Works

The Light My Site app gives CRE professionals the ability to tell prospective tenants exactly what they can expect in terms of connectivity. In fact, the app includes a feature that allows a CRE professional or tenant to request improved connectivity options before even moving into the property. The Light My Site team accomplishes this by coordinating with more than 30 Internet service providers and cable companies to provide user with the broadband service they need.

The Need for Improved Connectivity Is Now Essential

With more business applications making the rapid move toward delivering services and products from the Cloud, a robust Internet connection has becoming increasingly vital. It’s about more than just surfing the web or sending email. Without a strong Internet connection, businesses could come to a halt. In the past, legacy connections such as DSL and T1 were enough, but that is no longer the case. Ample connectivity is essential for Cloud-based storage and applications.

While mobile apps and devices have made it easy to do everything from hailing a cab to locating office space, Light My Space is the first app of its kind to give tenants the ability to find an ISP. Until this point, businesses were typically left to their own means to locate an Internet service provider. The process of determining availability, costs, and installation used to be time-consuming and complicated. Now, with the availability of Light My Site, companies can save time and ultimately costs by quickly and easily determining available options and ordering connectivity. The site is quickly proving to be an invaluable resource to tenants and CRE professionals in NYC.


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