LinkedIn Discussion Groups You Should Join

It's a little secret that LinkedIn can be a powerful place to make business connections. LinkedIn Groups can also provide real estate professionals with the perfect location for sharing and staying up to date on the latest tech updates as they relate to the real estate industry. If you are not already active in the following LinkedIn discussion groups, now is the time to join.

The Rook's Real Estate Tech Talk

The Rook's Real Estate Tech Talk is the ideal place for sharing tech info and how it can help to improve your real estate business. If you're looking for a place where your inner geek can feel at home, this is it.

High Tech Real Estate Group

With this group, you will find ample discussion regarding the latest technology trends and how those trends will affect buyers and sellers. All real estate professionals are invited to join and participate in this group to stay up-to-date on how tech will transform the real estate industry.

Real Estate Tech

This is a private group, but it is open to all. REASN International is aimed at assisting real estate professionals improve their businesses through the increased use of online tools. In addition, the group acts as a type of soapbox to discuss the latest real estate tech trends.

Tech Matters for Real Estate

Established to explore how tech matters apply to the real estate industry, this group focuses on a wide gamut of tech issues, including online marketing, social media, search engine optimization, website design, mobile device support, and more. Tech Matters for Real Estate is open to anyone who is involved in the real estate industry and is intended to act as a resource. The group is moderated, which means that sales pitches are not allowed and only posts that are relevant to the intended subject are allowed.

Real Estate Professionals Tech-Talk

Given the rapid pace at which technology is changing, real estate professionals need a place where they can gather to stay on top of the latest changes. This group provides an educational and innovative platform for real estate professionals to stay on top of and learn how to implement emerging technology. Only the latest tech will be reviewed with this group and will include both software and hardware.

Real Estate Tech Hub

At the Real Estate Tech Hub, real estate professionals are able to gather to discuss the latest information related to the juncture of technology and real estate. Along with supplying the latest news, the Real Estate Tech Hub also provides real estate professionals with the opportunity to make new connections.

What's Next in Real Estate Technology

This group is open to all real estate professionals, thus creating a forum where everyone can gather together to share their own experiences using the latest tech tools, websites, social media marketing, and mobile apps. As a result, members are able to stay better informed regarding the use of technology in real estate and avoid wasting time on products that do not work.

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