ListingConnect Making Listings Easier for Buyers, Sellers, and Agents

Connecting with buyers is arguably one of the most important functions of a real estate professional. Now, a new product is making it easier for agents and brokers to get the process started.
ListingConnect begins by having agents create a profile about themselves complete with links to their social media accounts and website, thus giving prospective clients an opportunity to get to know them better. Home sellers can even use the app to upload information and photos about their properties, in addition to a questionnaire regarding characteristics they are searching for in the perfect real estate agent. In many ways, the new app functions like a matchmaker of sorts for the real estate industry.

How the New App Works to Make Connections

Using a patent-pending algorithm, ListingConnect works to identify matching agents who have sold similar homes in the nearby area. If a real estate professional matches, ListingConnect will send the agent the lead. The agent can then use the app to make contact with the seller directly. Use of the app is completely free for home sellers. Furthermore, home sellers can rest assured that their personal information and contact info will remain completely confidential until they elect to share that information with agents.

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Saving Time and Resources

Real estate professionals can also use the app to evaluate prospective clients, thus providing the basis to determine whether they are a suitable match, as well. This could potentially save agents a tremendous amount of time while avoiding signing the wrong client. As most real estate professionals know, a significant amount of time can be wasted on chasing poor quality leads who are not really interested in selling their home. With ListingConnect, agents can be assured of receiving high quality leads. Instead of paying too much for placements on sites that are generic in nature, agents can leverage ListingConnect and go straight to interested clients, eliminating the middleman and gaining increased control over their lead generation process. Since homeowners are actually taking the time to download the app and enter their relevant information, there is an increased chance that they are extremely motivated to actually sell their home and are actually looking for an agent to help them with the process.

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Agents can also take advantage of the opportunity to even customize their initial contact message to prospective clients based on the needs and interests gleaned from the information they are provided. As a result, real estate agents can avoid sending out generic marketing pitches and instead make the best first impression possible.

Thanks to the use of an internal messaging system, privacy and confidentiality is completely assured with ListingConnect.

With more and more real estate sites coming online today, real estate professionals face an increasing amount of competition. At the same time, there are more distractions than ever before in the industry. With ListingConnect, agents can cut through all of the noise and go directly to the only source that really matters, a motivated home seller.

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