ListTrac Makes It Possible to View the Life of a Listing

As any good marketer knows, measuring the performance of marketing materials is essential to success. For real estate agents, that means measuring the performance of property listings. Now, thanks to the introduction of a free tool, real estate agents are able to do just that. ListTrac and MLSListings Inc have combined their resources and tech knowledge to deliver robust analytics and lead generation to the world of real estate.

How the New Listing Analytics Tool Works

Through the use of the new tool, MLS subscribers will have the ability to gain tremendous insight into consumer activity for specific listings. For instance, agents will be able to gauge the amount of attention a property is garnering from buyers. This will make it possible for buyers to provide their clients with invaluable feedback while also generating a wealth of new business leads.

MLSListings, recognized as an industry leader in terms of tech, has established a reputation for providing cutting-edge data tools to real estate professionals throughout Silicon Valley. By incorporating technology from ListTrac, MLSListings Inc is now able to significantly enhance its subscriber platform. As a result, subscribers are able to more accurately monitor the exposure received by listings using an array of MLSListings tools. For its part, ListTrac is responsible for measuring the amount of traffic generated via auto email prospecting tools utilized by agents subscribing to the MLS platform.

The Technology Behind the Analytics

ListTrac is certainly no stranger to the real estate industry, having developed a reputation for providing Google-style analytics for real estate listings. Members are able to make use of a single easy-to-use dashboard that showcases all of the websites on which each property is viewed. As a result, brokers and agents are able to monitor as well as share information with sellers, such as the average amount of time that a consumer spends viewing a listing, the number of times that a property listing is viewed, and the number of leads received from each website.

Thanks to the data generated by the new tools, agents using the platform will also be able to take advantage of far greater transparency than was available in the past. With the ability to see how a property listing is performing in real time, agents will also be able to respond more proactively to marketing campaigns. Ultimately, this could also lead to more effective marketing campaigns by giving agents and brokers the ability to tweak their campaigns in response to the activity they see from prospective buyers. Although this capability can be invaluable in any market, it could prove to be particularly important in highly competitive markets in which a property may not receive the anticipated response when it first goes on the market.

Currently, ListTrac is going at a rapid pace, now tracking more than 3,000 real estate-related websites. In fact, that number has already twice the number of websites it tracked just three months ago.

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