Lockitron – Keyless Building Entry Using Your Phone

Who doesn't love a great tech start-up story? How about one that has huge potential in the real estate industry?
Lockitron can essentially change the way we function within commercial real estate, residential real estate, property management, and more!

What is Lockitron?

Lockitron replaces your keys with your phone.With Lockitron, you can instantly grant family, friends and guests access to your home or business from anywhere in the world using your internet enabled smartphone. For $149 and no monthly fees you can order a Lockitron that fits over your current deadbolt lock and can be installed in seconds.


Works on any phone (smart or dumb)
Wifi built in
Keyless Entry using Bluetooth 4.0
Batteries last for up to one year

The video is pretty self explanatory so I'm not going to write much more about the features.

But think about how much money you spend to re-key properties? On average I would say around $100. Multiply that over a large portfolio and you can be saving a lot of money each year. I realize we probably aren't ready to add this to each property, but I can definitely see this type of entry system being the preferred method in the near future.

Lockitron is raising money through crowdfunding. Last time I checked there were 9,548 investors who raised $1,432,200. Lockitron's goal was $150,000. Their first batch of devices scheduled to ship March 2013 is sold out. They are now taking orders for their second batch scheduled to ship May 2013.

To invest or learn more about Lockitron, Click Here to visit their website.

How would you use Lockitron in your business? Let us know if you become an investor!


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