LogCheck Makes Staying on Top of Routine Tasks Easier for Real Estate Professionals

For the owners and managers of most commercial properties, routine maintenance checks can be time-consuming and a hassle. LogCheck offers the easiest way for building owners and managers to stay on top of routine maintenance tasks, meter readings, and inspections. With the LogCheck mobile application, it is possible to replace the paper log sheets typically used during routine maintenance inspections. Not only does this create greater accountability; it also assists in organization. By improving accountability and communication between staff and management, LogCheck offers valuable insights that help buildings operate more efficiently.

Abundant Features Adapted Specifically to Facilities

One of the most important features of LogCheck is that it is actually capable of adapting to the specific needs of a building. The experienced team behind the app takes any existing log sheets used by building management and creates a digital logbook that is fully customized to that facility. If changes need to be made in the future, doing so is simple and fast. Building owners and managers can easily customize the logbook on their own. LogCheck will also make changes at no charge, as long as a user has an active subscription.

The app is excellent for handling any type of routine tasks, meaning that it is excellent for preventive maintenance. Rather than going through the process of printing out tickets and creating work orders, LogCheck shows when PMs need to be done based on the last time they were completed, not by a calendar date. Most users find this much easier than trying to close out multiple redundant work orders when they are behind schedule. Thanks to the design of LogCheck, users can be proactive in avoiding problems.

Ease of Use

Users will also find that LogCheck is incredibly easy to use because it is so flexible. For instance, with LogCheck, users can export data to Excel, making it possible to use in existing reports.

Since LogCheck is a mobile app, it can be used with any type of iOS device, including an iPad or iPhone. Additionally, the web dashboard is accessible via any web browser. At the moment, LogCheck does not support Android; however, if a facility does not have an iOS device, LogCheck can help them acquire a device.

Among the top concerns that many facilities might have is whether WiFi is required in order to use LogCheck. The app actually works great offline, allowing easy accessibility on the roof, in a boiler room, or in other areas where WiFi might not be available. A WiFi connection is only needed to sync data or change logbooks. Users can conduct rounds offline, and the app will upload data automatically when an Internet location is found.

There is no need for a user to have a server, as LogCheck takes care of hosting on Amazon Web Services. If at any point a facility opts to leave LogCheck, it is possible to download data to eliminate privacy and security concerns. Plans for LogCheck begin at $100 per month.

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