MagicPlan: An Architect in Your Pocket

I continue to struggle with how Augmented Reality Applications can benefit the commercial real estate industry.

TechCrunch recently pinned an article on MagicPlan 2.0, in which they commented:

Augmented reality isn’t always totally pointless. Sorry if you think it’s hugely useful to see an augmented view of tweets around you just by holding up your phone, but I like to find slightly more advanced applications using the technology. One such app, MagicPlan, fits that description.

From the two-year old startup Sensopia, the MagicPlan iOS app is rolling out version 2.0 of its floor plan capturing application today, which allows you to hold up your phone then scan the dimensions of the room to create an instant floor plan.

I am not sure how this app "augments" reality, but it appears to be a solid app for creating floor plans with your iPhone.

While all the screen shots are of residential property, it sounds like they've gotten interest from commercial groups, including CBRE.

Again, TechCrunch:

The technology, in case it wasn’t clear, isn’t just intended for use by homeowners looking to get a quick layout of their home, it’s also available to the company’s partners across a number of industries, like real estate, home improvement, crime scene investigation, insurance, home inspections and more. The startup has already been fielding inquiries from notable names in these areas, like CBRE, Dassault, several law enforcement agencies (LA County Sheriff’s office, e.g.), Century 21, Floorplanner, and a top home improvement chain here in the U.S.

Download this app: iPhone

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