Mailbox: Putting email in its place

I must admit something. I am addicted to email.
On any given work day, I probably check my email accounts (I have 4) 100+ times. I have no idea why. Since I opened my first email account in 1998 (Hotmail!), I cannot recall one email where my life was in danger because I didn't read it in time.

Something I've learned: all this email checking is an unnecessary stress and distraction. But, I have found the cure: Inbox Zero.

Inbox Zero isn't a new concept, many people (my wife included) have suggested I try it.

I just haven't had the discipline or self-restraint. Until now.

With all its hype, you've probably already heard of Mailbox. The folks from Orchestra launched it less than 3 months ago, and just got acquired by Dropbox for "around $100 million". That's impressive, but there is good reason.

Mailbox makes it drop dead simple to maintain Inbox Zero.

It has made my work day more relaxing. There is no better feeling than checking your email and seeing 1 or 2 or 3 emails, rather than 100s at a time.

The rest are all tucked away in my archive, which I can access any time. Archive is nothing new either. Gmail has had an archive folder from the very beginning. I've just never used it.

But, Mailbox makes the archiving and "foldering" options within Gmail seductive. Yes, seductive.

My only fear is that, by not seeing emails which require my (eventual) action, things may begin to slip through the cracks. In other words: out of sight, out of mind.

That's the whole reason I hadn't attempted Inbox Zero until now. Only time will tell...

So, if you use Gmail and have an iPhone (currently Mailbox is only available for that combo) its time to get in line (yep, they are accepting "reservations", it is not an immediate download).

If you are one of the lucky ones who are currently using it, drop me a line and let me know your experience with Mailbox.

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