Matterport`s Virtual Reality Spaces Receive Over 70 Million Global Visits

Media innovator Matterport is leading the way in creating and distributing 3D and virtual reality content across the real estate industry. Their latest figures showcase the tremendous potential of immersive technology across various market segments with the number of new Matterport Spaces tripling over the last year.

A Matterport Space completely recreates an existing environment in digital. Over 300,000 Spaces currently exist and industry users are creating 22,000 new virtual Spaces a month. More impressive is the number of reported visitors: at over 70 million visits since March 2016, Spaces receive nearly two million visits per week.

"We are witnessing a revolution with immersive media, and Matterport`s technology is leading the way, transforming the way people interact with and understand real world spaces," said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport.  "The volume of immersive 3D content created by our customers is unparalleled, and we`ve been excited by the myriad of industries leveraging 3D and VR content today to fuel their businesses."

Who Uses Matterport

Matterport`s end-to-end media platform is used in residential and commercial real estate, apartment and vacation rentals, hotels, event venues, construction, news media and more to connect with new clients. The real estate industry has been an early adopter of virtual reality and 3D technology, having seen its potential to change how real estate is viewed, bought, and sold.

Customer Satisfaction

An August 2016 customer survey reported 78 percent felt more competitive thanks to Matterport`s services and 88 percent felt the company improve their brand`s presence in the competitive marketplace.

Growing international demand has spurred Matterport`s global expansion. Starting in May 2016, Matterport offered its platform in Australia, UK, and Canada. With the acquisition of London-based virtual tour company Virtual Walkthrough, Matterport serves customers in over 70 countries.

About Matterport

Matterport`s complete media technology services provide a system to create, modify, distribute, and navigate immersive digital recreations of existing spaces. Using the Matterport Pro Camera and Cloud Services, users create digital versions of real-world places. Their clients navigate the spaces on their mobile devices or Virtual Reality headsets, providing access to properties 24/7.

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