Measurabl Brings Reliability and Accuracy to Sustainability

Good sustainability management requires a strong reporting program, but manually crunching numbers and herding responses is time consuming and vulnerable to mistakes and inaccuracies. Also, when you have accurate information, it’s easier to make changes to your operations and run it more efficiently.

Measurabl software helps you collect, report and act upon non-financial sustainability data. It automatically imports data for every building in your real estate portfolio into your ENERGY STAR account. This eliminates manual entry errors and spots outliers ahead of time, before they can cause trouble. It also corrects any utility information before it gets into the system, so that it’s correct from the start.

Measurabl can file CDP, GRESB, or GRI files and lets you collaborate with colleagues, property managers, and service providers. You can publish reports to your website and update them year round.

It allows you to collect energy, water, waste, and fuel data directly from thousands of utility providers. You can also sync certifications and scores with ENERGY STAR, USGBC, and BOMA.

You can benchmark asset and fund-level performance using continuously updated, highly accurate data from across 5 billion square feet.

The platform was founded by Matt Ellis, the former director of Sustainability Solutions for CBRE. He was CBRE’s first LEED-accredited broker in the Western Region, an AEE-certified Carbon Reduction Manager and Building Energy professional, and an expert in sustainability in the built environment.

He noticed the struggle to collect sustainability data and prepare accurate reports, and created Measurabl to solve this problem.

“Transparency is everything, but sustainability data remains hard to get,” Ellis says on the Sustainability website. “I started Measurabl to make it easy for companies to collect, report, and act upon non-financial information.”

It can be used for free, and then a paid upgrade is available for investment-grade sustainability.

Click here to find out more about Measurabl.


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