Miniature Camera Technology Introduced to Commercial Real Estate

Thanks to the introduction of new technology, it is becoming increasingly easier for commercial real estate professionals to provide more accurate and cutting-edge service to their clients. The Farbman Group is one company blazing that trail with the use of mini cameras, according to a local CBS station in Detroit. With the use of drop cams and wearable cameras, the company is able to collect photos and video clips to demonstrate how space in a particular building is currently used as well as how it could be improved upon. The Farbman Group currently manages approximately 25 million square feet of real estate through nine states.
While the commercial real estate industry might have up to a two-year wait for the recently released proposed rules for drone usage from the FAA to go into effect, the use of mini cameras inside buildings could make a significant difference in the delivery of services in the industry.

Other Uses for Mini Cameras in the Real Estate Industry

Camera technology is no longer simply being used to provide still photos of spaces, but is also now being utilized for creative videography. The creative use of cameras in the real estate industry is now becoming increasingly mainstream, with more and more real estate professionals thinking of inventive ways to utilize new technology. In the residential real estate sector, some real estate professionals have begun to utilize services that include shooting entire mini-movies, complete with actors and scripts, for marketing prospective properties. Primarily targeting luxury properties, the mini movies can cost thousands of dollars to produce.

In a trend that began in the residential real estate sector, there is now an increased focus on developing similar mini-movies that provide the opportunity to view a space in a much more in-depth and personal manner. While some real estate professionals have been quick to point out that there is no need for such advanced technology, in an increasingly competitive market, property owners and managers might find the ability to leverage such technology is just what is needed to stand out from the competition.

Camera Technology Providing Clients with Enhanced Service

Farbman, for instance, is making use of such technology to produce what they refer to as "day in the life" videos. When clients request new space, Farbman is able to utilize their drop cams and quickly respond to those request. The video shot using the cameras gives clients the opportunity to view the way in which traffic moves outside buildings or even review the progress of construction in a new development. Clients located in far-flung geographic locations can obtain views inside and outside buildings without the need to actually visit the sites in person.

Of course, the use of such micro camera technology also has important security implications, because it allows property owners and managers to be able to see what is going on in a building at any given time, even if they are not physically present at the site.

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