Mobile App for Group Video Conferencing

Do you get jealous when you participate in someone’s webinar that uses high tech video conferencing software? Wish you could have access to a similar application to conduct team meetings, client presentations, even virtual property tours to an out-of-state client, but without the high cost?
Well, do you have a Gmail account?

Then you have access to Google+. Yes that “ghost town” social media site that Google released almost a year ago. Regardless of how popular the social media site is, we can all use some features of Google + on a daily basis  in our industry. The best feature of Google+ is the very powerful, and more importantly, FREE, video conferencing software called Google+ Hangouts.

Application highlights:

Include up to 10 people in one Google+ Hangout
Screen share capabilities for any participant
Integration with Google Docs to allow real time video group collaboration to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
Share and watch a YouTube
Integration with third party apps like, Cacoo, which allows real time diagram and flowchart collaboration
Record your Hangout and post it to your YouTube channel to share with clients

Our company uses Google+ Hangouts to conduct weekly team meetings, team training sessions, and we are looking at how to integrate recorded presentations into our website.

There is a desktop application available as well as a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Video conferencing works across all platforms so a handful of users can be on their desktops in the office while the other handful are out in the field on their mobile devices.

Sign in and start a Hangout today!

Click here for a link to the Google Play Store

Click here for a link to the iTunes Apple Store

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