MoveTube Offers Interactive Property Search Television Channel

YouTube, move over; there's a new kid on the block. Electrik Eye Enterprises and Listing Booster recently announced the launch of the first interactive property search channel designed specifically for TV. MoveTube focuses specifically on real estate listings. Already approved by ROKU, MoveTube is available in millions of homes throughout the United States and is slated to enjoy rapid expansion in the coming years.

The Benefits Offered by an Interactive Real Estate Television Channel

With this service, homebuyers and sellers are able to take advantage of a groundbreaking method for searching for real estate properties. At the same time, real estate professionals are able to take advantage of an innovative method for marketing their listings.

Among the most common challenges that many prospective buyers face when searching for properties is dealing with outdated information. MoveTube makes it possible for users to search for properties that meet their criteria around the nation. Users can also save favorite properties and even communicate with listing agents directly using their remote control. As a result, MoveTube is able to expedite the property search process, while also providing buyers with a fun and new way to search for a new home.

Property listings are delivered to viewers from their televisions via a Roku streaming device. Currently, Roku has approximately 12 million such devices distributed throughout the United States and is the fastest growing such streaming device. Ultimately, MoveTube hopes to launch thousands of property listing channels across the nation and be able to distribute property listings to millions of viewers within the next couple of years. The listings are currently available on Roku 3 devices, but will soon be distributed on other Roku devices. In addition, programming is being made available for launch on both Yahoo and Amazon, which will provide viewers with the ability to access property listings on smart televisions.

What the Future Could Hold for Televised Property Search Marketing

The company behind MoveTube, Electrik Eye Enterprises is privately funded and has offices located in both Florida and California. As the first real estate property channel of its kind, MoveTube is currently positioned for tremendous growth moving into the future. This could prove to dramatically change the way in which real estate is listed in the future. While the service currently appears to be aimed at residential real estate buyers, the potential also exists to target the commercial real estate market as well, which could also change the way that multifamily properties are marketed.

Should this type of service take off on an international basis, it could provide an innovative way for foreign investors to search for prospective real estate investments around the world. One day soon, an investor in China could turn on the television and view property listings in the United States. As technology continues to evolve and develop, the way in which real estate is marketed is changing rapidly, as well. MoveTube is just the latest example of how dynamic real estate marketing has become.

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